Our Rides

Visit Kande Horse and experience one of our superb rides on offer.  We are able to cater for all levels of riding experience from the novice through to the experienced rider, child or adult.

Horse riding is a gentle, non-intrusive form of transport that takes you where cars and trucks cannot. Our rides will allow you to see how Malawians really live. You will see subsistence farming of local produce, Ride by both inland and fishing villages, be greeted by friendly children and see families involved in their day-to-day activities. Some of our rides will also take you through beautiful Brachystegia forests, via the local township of Kande, across stunning floodplains and along the breathtaking beaches of Lake Malawi. To finish off, riding bareback into the lake will be an experience we guarantee you will never forget.

Please don’t hesitate if you have a special request, if able we are more than happy to tailor a ride perfect for you.


Bush Beach and Swim Ride

1 Hour $45 USD / 2 Hours $60 USD

This is an amazing ride that encompasses so much of what our local area has to offer. Starting at Kande Horse this ride will take you through lush Brachystegia forests, past our local school and trading centre, across stunning floodplains and onto the beach of Lake Malawi. The ride will finish at our location opposite Kande Beach where we will untack the horses and ride bareback into the crystal clear waters of our great lake. A truly unforgettable experience.

Forest Ride

1 Hour $30 USD 

This is a relaxed ride through the Brachystegia forest surrounding Kande Horse. We will teach you how to trot on your horse and for those more experienced there is an opportunity to canter. This ride suits all age groups and all levels of experience.

Childrens Forest Ride

Approx 45 Minutes $20 USD 

This ride is perfect for very young children and children with little or no riding experience. We will lead each individual horse and rider for a scenic ride through the surrounding Brachystegia forest. Your child will learn how to direct a horse and maybe try a trot for the first time in a safe manner with appropriate supervision. Parents are more than welcome to walk alongside and take photos.

Unfortunately, we have a weight restriction on riding our horses at Kande Horse of 95 kg (15 stone) (209 pounds)We also reserve the right to turn anyone down who we don’t think fits within this weight limitation.

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