Come and join us for an extended stay at Kandehorse  enjoy malawi and improve your horsemanship, on a gap year  or career break. 

What it includes-

     All food and accomadation and laundry at the stables guest house beutifull seroundings 4 kms from lake malawi, plenty of time to enjoy the      lake and local seroundings with or without a horse.  Plenty of horseriding!!! Working with horses on the ground in the round pen and arena.  Advanced leading teqniuqes.  Barefoot trimming, all our horses go barefoot, get a better understanding of a barehoof  trim your course could  coincide with a barefoot trimming course with Dan Guerra www.barehoof.com.  How to do fecal egg counts hands on expirience using mcmaster slides

We want you to leave Kande horse with a much bettter understanding of how horses tick.

What it doesn't include-

     Flights /transport to and from Kande horse.  Insurance, we expect you to have valid travel and accident insurance for the period of your stay.

What we need from you-

     You should be 80kgs or less, be a fairly competant rider with the confidence to ride a variety of horses, We dont expect you to be the best rider in the world, stay for a minimum 2 weeks

A typical day-

     A normal working day starts at 6.am where one of our grooms will feed the horses.  You will spend your days helping with the grooming and attending to general medical care.  Schooling horses will be a main priority where you will gain much experience in natural horsemanship methods.  If we have client rides you can go out as a backup guide and enjoy the surroundings through forest and farmland and give basic tuition along the way.  For more info click here to download our pdf Guide to Living on the Farm
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