Kande Dreamers

The adventure of the unknown.

In life we are surrounded by so many opportunities, ideas and choices that it can become overwhelming – which direction to take – what’s the right thing to do…

However, decisions can be taken out of our hands when something feels so right from within your heart… Life and its opportunities are a gift when they are used in the right way.

Nina and Alice have been committed to Malawi and its people for over 7 years with the voluntary charity work in Lilongwe. Their love for the country oozed from them, friends and family have been magnetised to the energy to come and visit – to see what its all about.

Frankie, the sisters childhood friend came to visit in 2015 for the first time. Within two weeks of being in Malawi Frankie was in love not only with its people but the beautiful country of Malawi.

They all went for a weekends break from there charity work in Lilongwe, so they headed North to Nkhata Bay – on the way they stopped off at Kande Horse to go riding because as children the three girls have always ridden and grew up around horses.  Its a childhood dream the journey that these girls have been on…

From the moment that they were on the horses, there was a look in their eye of imagining doing something like this together, as though it was a calling that has just been answered… Nina and Alice both had a small amount of inheritance from there late Grandfather that was left to be used for a deposit on a house in the UK, as did Frankie from her late grandmother…. Nina and Alice are so committed to there charity work in the UK and they wanted to invest within Malawi not only in the public sector but within the Private sector too. They wanted to settle in Malawi to be able to be close to their projects but live their dream of horses, health and yoga too…

Life is all about the balance.

With the passionate looks in all of their eyes they said to one another ’’Wouldn’t it be amazing to own something like this’’  A voice of the manager replied ‘’ You know this place is for sale, right girls?’’ From then seed was planted, their dreams had come alive and they started the journey to be the new owners of Kande Horse.

Kande Horse and the girls charity work are completely separate but allow them to be in the country more investing both in the country and their dreams.

As three soul sisters they balance there time between Lilongwe, the UK and making their dreams come true at Kande Horse