John Hiam, The Proprietor

Born and brought up in the UK, John was involved with the family horses from 5 years old. He went on to be very successful in Show Jumping while also gaining experience in Cross-country and Eventing. Tourism has been been his main focus since 1993 when he came to Africa. It was in Zimbabwe during 1996 that John was introduced to Polocrosse, spurring a passion which took him to play seasons not only in Zimbabwe but also in Australia where a renewed interest in horsemanship took hold.

Back in Africa, John saw the potential of Kande on the shores of Lake Malawi as a location for a unique business venture and as a result set up Kande Horse Trails in 2001. Using local materials he has spent the following years creating the buildings that make up Kande Horse and due to the success of the horse riding business has recently opened accommodation in the form of The Stables Guest House.

Adila Hiam

Also brought up in the UK, Adila has had a childhood in the company of horses, however her main focus has been in the tourism and hospitality industries in both Europe and Africa. Adila first came to Africa in 1996 and after 2 years of  working directly in tourism she set up a bar and lodge on the northern shore of Malawi. In 2006 she moved to Kande Horse where she now runs the business with her husband John.

The Team

Kande Horse employs over twenty staff from the local area in a range of roles in the business. Those working directly with the horses have been trained on site by Johnny in equine care and riding and are regularly involved with exercising the horses and guiding rides. Also currently working at the stables is Maisie, who with previous experience with working with horses as well as in customer care, management and hospitality in the UK, is involved in all aspects of the business.

Johnnie, owner of Kande Horse, training Bo, their stallion.
Johnnie's wife, Adelia, taking Bamers for a swim in Lake Malawi
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